Burning land 3: mid-week links

How can we have better conversations about climate change?

For this week, I’ve got a few links to help you have better conversations about climate change.

If you’ve got a bit of time, there’s nothing like going straight to the source. Both Peter Sandman’s words on climate change denial, and Robert Gifford’s article on the “dragons of inaction” are quite readable. I recommend them if you want a deeper understanding of the issue.

However, if you are after something a bit lighter, here are a couple of articles which are short and sweet. The first article has some simple tips from Boston University about talking to climate change sceptics at Thanksgiving – obviously equally applicable whatever the family event. This article is worth a look as well. It’s from a source you might not expect – the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. Their first point is that it’s important to have a kind and understanding view of the person that you are communicating with – good sense for a discussion on any issue from climate change to Covid-19.

Finally, here’s a Substack that I subscribe to that has lots of useful information. It’s called “Five minutes for the planet”. It offers all sorts of suggestions for practical actions we can take to help the environment. There are sure to be actions which you can fit into your life.

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