The Turnstone: talking about vaccines #10


Welcome to The Turnstone: talking about vaccines. Here, I share resources to help you have kind and non-judgemental conversations with people who are uncertain about, or opposed to, vaccination. I send out these resources every Wednesday - if you’d like them emailed to you directly, you can sign up to my mailing list.

This week, I focus mostly, but not entirely, on good news stories about Covid-19 vaccination, to help get you motivated for Saturday’s big vaccination effort.

Positive stories from New Zealand

Port workers' 95% vaccination rate attributed to tackling misinformation (2 minute read)

'Roadblock' after early success in Wairoa Covid-19 vaccinations (4 minute read)

Three people who overcame Covid vaccine hesitancy in their communities - and their advice (5 minute read)

Positive stories from overseas

How 4 Black Alabama women went door to door convincing people to get jabbed in one of the least-vaccinated US states (7 minute read)

COVID-19 Special: Portugal′s successful vaccine rollout (10 minute video)

Something to get you thinking

A thoughtful piece from Radio New Zealand’s Jesse Mulligan on communicating

Jesse Mulligan: What I’ve learned from the anti-vaxxers in my DMs (8 minute read)

An interesting analysis of barriers to Covid-19 vaccination from a New Zealand perspective, from Otago University’s student magazine.

Why Aren’t We There Yet? Understanding Barriers to Getting Aotearoa Vaccinated (10 minute read)

A sobering conversation between two people who didn’t get vaccinated and then caught Covid-19

Coronavirus: Vaccine regret - BBC Sounds (23 minute podcast)

Help make a difference

In New Zealand, we are focused on our own outbreak and vaccination programme right now. But many countries are still a long way behind us. Please consider donating to support vaccination in less wealthy countries than New Zealand.

Donate through UNICEF

Donate through GAVI - The Vaccine Alliance

My apologies for the delay in this week’s The Turnstone: talking about vaccines. Next week I will return to sending out links on Wednesday afternoon.

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