The Turnstone: talking about vaccines #9

The importance of our health professionals

Welcome to The Turnstone: talking about vaccines. Here, I share resources to help you have kind and non-judgemental conversations with people who are uncertain about, or opposed to, vaccination. I send out these resources every Wednesday - if you’d like them emailed to you directly, you can sign up to my mailing list.

This week, I'm sharing resources which talk about the role and perspective of health professionals on Covid-19 vaccination.

New Zealand Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination

I've recommended the Frequently Asked Questions from NZ Doctors Stand Up for Vaccination before. Here is the letter to the people of New Zealand that more than 5000 doctors have signed. (1 minute read)

The Letter: Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination

Here's a similar letter from New Zealand nurses (3 minute read)

Nurses of Aotearoa New Zealand Supporting Vaccination

And here's an interview with founder Elspeth Frascatore (7 minute read)

Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination founder Elspeth Frascatore - the pandemic through another lens

Great work from GPs in Auckland (3 minute read)

Covid 19 Delta Outbreak: Auckland GPs turn detective to debunk Covid myths - NZ Herald

Interview with intensive care nurse and doctor (3 minute read, 4 minute video)

Coronavirus: Intensive care specialists fear New Zealand's health system will be overwhelmed by COVID | Newshub

Evidence on the role of doctors advising on vaccination (5 minute read)

A direct recommendation from a doctor may be the final push someone needs to get vaccinated (

Great work from young British doctors (3 minute read and two 1 minute videos)

NHS doctors use TikTok in ‘powerhouse effort’ to encourage Covid vaccine take-up | Evening Standard

Dr Karan Raj

(2) Watch | Facebook

Dr Emeka Okorocha

Overcoming vaccine hesitancy, article from the USA (5 minute read)

Dr. Eugenia South: I'm a Black doctor who didn't trust the Covid vaccine. Here's what changed my mind. (

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