The Turnstone: talking about vaccines #11

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Welcome to The Turnstone: talking about vaccines. Here, I share resources to help you have kind and non-judgemental conversations with people who are uncertain about, or opposed to, vaccination.

As more and more people get vaccinated, we are facing the reality that a proportion of those who remain unvaccinated are following conspiracy theories. This week, I share resources to help understand the problem of anti-science conspiracy theories. Next week, I’ll be sharing resources about how we can combat these conspiracy theories, as individuals and as community. Subscribe and these will be sent direct to your inbox.

I’ve looked at conspiracy theories before, so here’s a link to the first set of resources I shared about understanding and combatting conspiracy theories (2 minute read).

The Turnstone: talking about vaccines #5 - by Melanie Newfield - The Turnstone (

Covid-19 conspiracy theories in New Zealand (6 minute read)

Although it’s over a year old, this article has some useful insights on conspiracy thinking in New Zealand.

Have Covid-19 conspiracy theories evolved? (

Why people believe conspiracy theories (7 minute read)

An analysis of the factors that are linked to belief in conspiracy theories.

A Psychologist Explains Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories (

More on conspiracies in New Zealand (9 minute read)

Article on the targeting of New Zealand’s rural community by conspiracy groups.

The Radical Right In Gumboots | Newsroom

The dark side of wellness (10 minute read)

Link between far-right conspiracies like QAnon, the “wellness” industry and new-age spirituality

The dark side of wellness: the overlap between spiritual thinking and far-right conspiracies | The Guardian

Conspiracy theories from a health perspective (11 minute read)

This article includes some guidance for looking after yourself if you are dealing with people who are following conspiracy theories.

The Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories (

I was a teenage conspiracy theorist (19 minute read)

Article by a journalist who formerly believed and shared conspiracy theories

I Was a Teenage Conspiracy Theorist - The Atlantic

In-depth: three experts on conspiracy theories

Rob Brotherton (27 minute audio)

Although this interview predates Covid-19, it’s still highly relevant. Looks at three traits of people who believe conspiracy theories and other ideas which lack supporting evidence.

Why we believe conspiracy theories | CBC Radio

Karen Douglas (35 minute audio and video, with transcript 27 minute read)

This talk from January 2011 looks at some of the reasons that drive belief in conspiracy theories as well as demographic factors like gender and education.

Why people believe in conspiracy theories, with Karen Douglas (American Psychological Association)

Stephen Lewandowski (50 minute video)

This 2021 lecture looks at the relationship between attitudes to vaccination, misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Hot Topic Lecture: Professor Stephan Lewandowsky | Microbiology Society

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